Trendy Stickers


About This Item:

  • Each vsco sticker is totally unique with high-definition printing. 20 stickers are included, which can be combined in thousands of different ways to make for a completely new experience for everyone. Available in three colors.
  •  Glossy, durable, promising maximum quality with each and every print, these hydro flask sticks are waterproof and resistant to fading. You can feel free to paste anywhere you like and minimal residue is left behind after the sticker has been peeled off.
  • Personalize your belongings, and many ways to express your individual personality. The aesthetic stickers are easy to stick on smooth surfaces.
  • Anyone who has a penchant for crafts or DIY projects would genuinely love to receive this pack of 20 unique cool stickers. These water bottle stickers will last a long time and can be used to decorate just about anything that you can imagine, including game consoles, skateboards, cars, furniture, lockers, bicycles, binders, laptops, phones, tablets and even denim jackets.
  • These trendy stickers can stick well on just about any smooth surface imaginable. Just wipe the surface upon which you wish to stick the sticker clean, separate the protective film and sticker, then gently press the sticker down solidly to the surface. Don’t forget to  even out from the middle to avoid bubbling.