Baby Elf Doll Set


About This Item:

This Baby Elf doll set will be great addition to your Elf family. The baby elf doll can be used to accompany bigger elves, or as cute babies for any doll houses. These elf dolls are a one of a kind set and are great accessories to any doll family.

Kids will love to play with the Baby Elf set,,,, Great as Christmas gifts

Expand your elf family today!

Baby Elf Doll set includes:

- 1 Baby Doll (you choose)

- 1 Milk bottle

- 1 Pacifier

- 1 Blanket

- 1 Birth certificate or Adoption Certificate (Name can be personalized please mention in the message)

Milk bottle, pacifier, blanket are provided according to the Baby Elf doll.

For Twins please mention the Twin 1 color & Twin2 color and message me, so that we can send your Twins Elves.

These baby elf are NOT name brand elves and I don't have anything to do with the name brand elf company, these are props I have came up & created for Christmas moments. Thanks