About us

Welcome to our collection Unique kids & teens products with amazing deals!!!! Our products are inspired by the kids and world around us. Beautiful & Unique goods to your doorstep . We handmake all our DIY art kits.

My name is Khalpana. wife, mother of two beautiful girls, art teacher & creative enthusiast.

Amaze It, is my dream venture that I started in 2018 to bring Trendy and Unique products to the market, and I couldn’t be happier with how much it has flourished.

What started as my two daughters and I packing a few orders in my basement has now become something that has reached many. I believe that happiness starts in the home and it brings me immense joy that our customers allow Amaze It to play a small role in creating that happiness.

Whether it be summer, winter, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or birthdays, you will certainly find an item in our catalogue that will make each celebration just a bit better. All of our products are handpicked and guaranteed to be of the best quality.

Little pieces of Amaze It exist around our home, where my kids have often asked to keep some toys and other products for themselves and subsequently kept them well loved. I am always so grateful to know that there are people around the world who have graciously also added a touch of Amaze It in their own home.

We hope that with Amaze It, you and your family are brought new memories and happiness.

Question? Amazeitshop@gmail.com

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