How to play pop it fidget toy game? - Easy & Fun!

Posted by khalpana nindrai on

Ever catch yourself or your children aimlessly popping the bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap, enjoying the satisfaction it provides? That is, until the sheet is worn out and there are no more bubbles to be popped. With these bubble popper fidgets, you’ll have a handy toy to satisfy your bubble popping needs whenever you want! Fidget toys are proven to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as aid the concentration of those with ADHD- however, bubble poppers will be a guaranteed hit for anyone in the family, young or old.


Game Rules


Pick from a multitude of colours and patterns and watch as your restlessness melts away as you pop the bubbles, hear the soft clicking, and flip the toy to do it all over again! Not only are these sensory toys stimulating, but one purchase will have you set for a long time to come. Made out of high quality silicone and formulated to be reusable and washable, these lightweight bubble poppers will be your new longtime companion at school, work, or home. Get yours now.